Warehouse9 – live art venue

06-08.04.2018 – DARK WEEKEND CPH – dance/performance

6. April 2018 20:00-22:30 “TWILIGHT CAFE” / Dark Weekend CPH
A DARK FUSION open stage, lounging and bar
Come and join us for a relaxed cafe evening with a good chance of meeting everyone who is in Copenhagen for our Dark Weekend 2018 with workshops, gatherings and shows.
The small cafe stage will present dancers and performers with their special take on “dark fusion dance” – it will be theatrial, alternative, experimental … and fun!Time: 20.00-22.30
Ticket price at door: 60 DKK
Pre-sale: 40 DKK

Warehouse9 – lounge bar, Halmtorvet 11A, 1700 Copenhagen

7. April 20-23 “DARK CABARET” / Dark Weekend CPH
A DARK FUSION dance show, presenting alternative, theatrical, experimental artistic takes on fusion dance especially within (but not limited to) tribal fusion, bellydance fusion, dark burlesque fusio, gothic fusion bellydance, dark gypsy fusion etc

The Dark Cabaret also includes a special theatrical performance project with international guest dancers.

“Dark Cabaret” is part of the Dark Weekend Copenhagen 2018 – a weekend with workshops, gathering and shows with focus on dark fusion dance.

Time: 20.00-23.00 (show start 20.30)
Ticket price at door: 100 DKK
Pre-sale: 75 DKK

Venue: Warehouse9 – Stage, Halmtorvet 11F

INFO: www.tribaldance.dk
Photos: Uwe N Phillips + Metapheschwein


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