Warehouse9 – live art venue

28.12.2017 Queer Cut #6 – pop up hair & nail salon

Hello dear queers of Copenhagen!

Queer Cut is a concept that takes place in Warehouse9 in the end of every month. Queer Cut is meant as a safespace for queers that wants to get their hair done withone having anyone asking you stupid questions or being misgendered.
Come and have a cozy time with other queers and get ready for the weekend with new hair or shining nails. Let somebody help you make your undercut, trim your long hair or do your curls. Play a boardgame with nice people you know or want to get to know. Drink a cup of coffee and listen to music while you do your nailpolish. If you just want to have a place to hang, chill and drink coffee, Queer Cut is also the place to be!

We provide three haircutstations that includes: barber scissors, shaver, wax and blowdryer. We have a lot of nailpolish and boardgames but you are welcome to bring your own if you wish.

Queer Cut is a donation-based concept driven by volunteers, it’s alcoholfree and you are more than welcome to bring children!

Warehouse9 is accesible for wheelchairs.


Queer cut is a Warehouse9 community project. >> More info

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