Warehouse9 – live art venue

12.05.2017 21-04 Queer Bar x Totentanz w/ live shows

Queer Bar and Totentanz present a selection of dark romanticism and bleak hedonism, when Winter Severity Index, Transfigure, Burning Pyre and Kold Front takes the stage at Warehouse9, followed by an all night afterparty.


Winter Severity Index // Rome, IT
Forging longing cold wave and melancholic shoegaze with the darker side of indie pop, Winter Severity Index build ethereal atmospheres reminiscent of Slowdive, Cocteau Twins and The KVB. Founder Simona Ferrucci’s celestial voice wraps the listener in a dreamlike haze, while the often cinematic instrumentals move back and forth between introspective dream pop and disquieting gothic rock. They released their sophomore album ‘Human Taxonomy’ last year, and will now perform in Denmark for the first time.
Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/lHpO6x

Transfigure // Newcastle, UK
Newcastle’s Transfigure should almost be a household name among Totentanz regulars by now. Last time they dropped by the Copenhagen cobblestones was shortly after the release of the ‘Fields’ 7”, this time they are bringing their debut full length ‘Translation’, which was released earlier this year through Dutch label Bordello A Parigi. The band is slowly leaving behind their more minimal synth aesthetics, now focusing on a more straight up contemporary synth pop sound, somewhere in between Pet Shop Boys and First Hate.
Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/WTcse8

Burning Pyre // Newcastle, UK
Also hailing from the old industrial city of Newcastle, Burning Pyre paints sonic images of rainy suburbs and bleak post-modernity. Through the usage of drones, industrial timbres and field recordings, the project takes the shape of bleak avantgarde or dark ambient, but opalescent melodies surface in and out through the compositions, resulting in a sort of post-pop electronics. The debut full length was released through Russian label Perfect Aesthetics in 2016.
Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/Lrdfdf

Kold Front // Copenhagen, DK
Local trio Kold Front take their cue from French cold wave, German goth rock, and synthy post-punk like Lebanon Hanover and Selofan. Electronic drums and synth tangled up with pulsating bass lines, effect-filled guitar and Danish lyrics, not completely unlike Danish cult groups Moral and Pesteg Dred. 2016 saw them release a split and touring Europe with the now defunct MOTH, and 2017 will bring more wax as well as them performing at the San La Muerte Festival in the U.S.
Bandcamp: https://goo.gl/XpLDbF

Totentanz crew


Entrance: 60 kr.
Doors: 21:00
Concerts: 22:00

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