Warehouse9 – live art venue

31.12.2017 Queer New Year Bash – night club

New Year Party for Warehouse9 artists, friends and guests.

miss fish
ina noire
unicorn daughter

+++++++ Safe Space ++++++++
++++++ Dress Up Room ++++++
++++++ WH9 bar crew +++++++
+++ Alcohol free beers/drinks+++

Entrance 80 DKK


A new year party that has been going since 2008 with DJs and artists from the queer and trans community. It has a friendly and inclusive vibe and there is a dress up space available. No dress code but anything is possible and allowed. There is a Safe Space policy.

DJ lineup

Miss Fish
Miss fish plays a colourful and crisp eclectic set with indie, wave and new beat.

Ina Noire
The Danish Underground’s DJ Noire is known to DJ a wide range of genres. From Post-punk to Classical and from Noise to Pop. For this New Years party She is cooking up a heady brew of dance beats from the 80’es and onwards. Expect Italo, wave and maybe even some early acid.

A mix of electronic beats, nasty lyrics and lots of basss.

Unicorn Daughter
With lots of bass and high-pitched vocals, Unicorn Daughter is ready to show you what bubblegum bass is all about. Be ready for a playful composite of disregarded sounds and genres.


K-hole will close the dance with a heady mix of bass music and four to the floor bangers somewhere between house, techno and electro.


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